My journey to passion: Tips and tools to make you pick stocks for the long term like Warren Buffett


Invest long term. Find quality businesses that have protected returns.

Here is what I keep repeating to myself while investing and looking for a good investment opportunity.

Investing has become a passion to me 8 years ago, when I found a book in the library.

Back then in 2008.

21 years old. So young.

I was looking for inspiration, teachings and advice in investing while practicing for my exams in Finance.

That’s when I found this book from Mary Buffett and David Clark:

“Warren Buffett and the interpretation of financial statements: The search for the company with a durable competitive advantage”.

That book stunned me and actually changed my entire view of the business and investing worlds.

Suddenly, I started to think of investments more like a long term project, and I deeply understood stocks were actually real companies with assets and liabilities managed by human beings like you and I that have their ups and downs: Their market movements didn’t get any interest from me anymore.

In this book, Warren Buffett also shares his thoughts and processes to value businesses and how the market price of a stock can, and very often is different than the real price of a business share.

But what really amazed me, is Warren Buffett’s explanation of this great concept he calls “moats“.

Great businesses are ones that offer high returns to the investor. The longer those businesses maintain this characteristic, the better: That’s what moats allow for investors.

Have a look at my post “What competitive advantage can teach you about investing” to get a clear understanding about “moats” and how they are a tremendous source of returns for the stock investor.

All of these concepts and framework to invest clearly made sense to me and I was there thinking to myself:

“Wow, this actually is that simple to get high returns investing in stocks.”

I then decided to search more on the matter to know better.

8 years later, in 2015

Now I’m 8 years older …

Yeah, time goes by, I know.

I got my master degree in Finance, worked jobs in the management and finance aeras, and now I’m back to studies in a Phd in Finance, preparing to take the CFA charter in the coming year.

I kind of realized this was my real passion and I made all the necessary changes in my life in order to live my life that way.

No need to say Warren Buffett is not unfamiliar to that turning back on the school bench.

I read tons of books on the subject since back then and my thesis is about long term investing in stocks and moats. Hard guess, huh?

I’m feeling very blessed to be able to read and work everyday in this very subject I have a passion for and I intend to become a fund manager to invest according these principles I’ve learned from him and other great investors and managers.

What I intend to do with this blog is to share with you what I’ve learned and experienced about investing in stocks in order to help you with your own investments.

Companies are, according to me, the most interesting asset to invest, as they currently make difference in our world with their visions and missions.

And, lots of studies actually show that this kind of assets provide the best returns for the individual investor over the long term (Jeremy Siegel, Benjamin Graham … only to name a few)

Deciding the best companies to put your money in must be issued from a very strict process and must not be based on a flash news you can hear on the radio. I think that way.

You find yourself interested in this passion I have, constantly looking to find great investments?

I would like to help you understand these so wanted moats for your investments and become a better investor understanding how to use them.

Helping you discover, find moats and discuss them is the core objective of this blog, as this characteristic of companies allows them to maintain their growth and returns for investors.

Because stock investment isn’t just about finding moats, you will also find in this blog lots of tools, guides, tips and useful inspiring posts that inform you about the whole process of investing.

From time to time, I will invite you to cross themes like stock valuation, portfolio management, dividends policy, risk management and taxes and fees.

Psychology of investment will eventually be addressed and Value Investing will also, in some ways be part of the deal, as it shows a great framework to invest your money in company stocks.

Plus, I’m a fan, so I’ll talk about it for sure.

My deepest wish is to create a place where you can also share with me your thoughts and experience about investing in stocks, in order to help each other grow in that area.

If you like what is posted in  I.V.MOATS and feel like it has enlightened you in some way, please write comments in posts, pages, like it and subscribe to mailing list above on the right menu to get notifications and amazing content about stocks investing and moats.

I also invite you to share this blog, posts and contents with your friends, relatives and every one who could find an interest in that subject.

Let’s grow and become great moats investors together, creating wealth over time.

Thank you for your loyalty and interest,

To your successful investments and moats digging,

Samir Kaba

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3 thoughts on “My journey to passion: Tips and tools to make you pick stocks for the long term like Warren Buffett

  1. Hi,
    Thank you so much for following my blog! I received the notification today. May I ask how you found me? I am always curious. I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I like to know which methods for increasing my readership are effective.
    Thank you again. Here’s to blogging success!


    1. Hello Janice,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following it. I found out about you, I think through Jenna Dalton’s twitter page. I was looking for people writing about blogging as I just started mine. It really is something that I feel a passion for, and to write better, get better content for readers, and develop my traffic, I wanted to take advice from people having been there before me 🙂 So here I am, looking at your blog whenever I can, there is great stuff that helps me.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog. I will strive to put better content on it, so we can all share.

      As you said, here’s to blogging succes!



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