Legendary Investors


This page is about inspiration.

It’s about models and mentors.

The ones that blow your brain away instantly once you encounter their thoughts through a book, let in their words heard in speeches, or absorb their annual letters to shareholders.

It suddenly all makes sense when you cross their way.

This category is dedicated to share with you the investors I consider influential and legendary.

Such investors must have achieved noticeable real performance over the long term, beating the market. They also may have an investing style that has helped shaping new investors in the long run.

Some of them are dead, but still of an incredible influence to the investment sphere.

Others are still alive and achieving performance over the market.

Now, you may find classic and global biographic information about all of them over the Internet. And actually, there are great websites that gather well-documented archives of such investors.

Detailed information about their lives, actions, strategies and performance as investors can be found on the following website which is, according to me, the best work on the subject: Value Walk.

Since this information is already well-provided over the Internet, the goal of I.V.MOATS here is to introduce each one of them in a singular manner, with a quote that describes to me the best heritage of them (believe me, it’s not a simple task, as their wisdom and practice of the market is incredible).

I will expose why each of them is unique to me, through their investing style, life style, principles, or anything that has gotten me in a certain way.

When this is possible, I will insert videos that can give you an overlook of the chosen investors.

Each of them has made my way of seeing investing evolve and shaped my thinking about the profession. This blog wouldn’t exist if I hadn’t, somehow, encountered these people through their achievements, books, work and performance.

Even today, before every step of my investments, I always remember quotes or facts from each one of them to guide me.

And it serves me certainly to take up on their advice to build my way of investing.

I hope these pages displayed on such inspiring investors will let you discover them, or at least freshen up in your mind their contribution to the investment world.

Don’t hesitate to share with me some ways they have influenced you as an investor. I’m also always eager to discover investors I don’t know about, and would be pleased to write about them in this category.

May they help you become better investors.

Thank you for your sharing and interest in I.V.MOATS.

Here’s to great investing,

Samir Kaba

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